American Drone Industries is an Atlanta, Georgia drone company that is FAA certified to fly commercially and Section 333 exempt. American Drone Industries has in-house drones equipped with cameras that can shoot still photos up to 16 MB and that can shoot video up to 4k RAW, suitable major motion picture filming.

American Drone Industries (ADI) was founded in 2014 and has worked in a wide range of industries. ADI has experience working with major film studios on complex sets. ADI has in-house, post-production talent and the latest in drone technology. ADI has not only has drones, but the latest in 4k RAW stabalized cameras as well. The following are just a few areas that ADI has experience in:

  • Film and Television Drone Filming
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Videos
  • Live Concert Drone Filming
  • Drones for News Gathering
  • Corporate and Special Events Drone Filming
  • Agricultural Industry Drone Programming
  • Flight Training and Drone Consultation
  • Handheld, Stablaized Steady Camera Filming
  • Virtual Reality Content Creation
  • Major Motion Picture Aerial Filming

American Drone Industries has completed projects for major motion picture studios, the City of Atlanta, The Atlanta BeltLine, Wolf Creek Amphitheater, and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) just to name a few. American Drone Industries is a proud member of the International Cinematographers Guild. ADI has worked on everything from feature films to filming properties for real estate agents. ADI always puts a high value on safety. ADI is fully insured for commercial and recreational drone flying. There is no project too big or too small for the ADI drone pilots.

Demo Reel


ADI believes in transparent pricing. If you need more than the raw footage from our drones or stabilized cameras, we charge a flat rate of $75 per hour for post-production work. Our video editing experts have experience in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, ensuring your video looks polished and professional. ADI also has travel rates as low as 75¢ per mile (round-trip), allowing us to go to where you need us to film without breaking your budget.

Our drone filming and aerial photography rates start at:

American Drone Industries is a drone company based in Atlanta, Georgia. We service a wide area, but if your project is completed in Georgia you may be able to save up to 30% with the Georgia Film and Television Tax Credits. This can mean tax credit savings for your film, motion picture, movie, television or music video projects.


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American Drone Industries541 10th St, #225 Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Phone: 404-382-8010

Fax: 404-720-1050


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